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Golden Eagle Estates is a homes and parcels rentals company that exists within the Virtual worlds of the SecondLife® Game.
Our maingoal is to provide cheap but high quality homes and living space for SecondLife® residents within a stunning beautifull and multipurposed envoirement.
"All our sims are set in a amazing seasonal changing environment with the friendliest neigbors,
and more then enough enjoyment for the young and old..."

We have complete various priced rental homes in which are for example ideal for starters. For more advanced and or demanding renters we also have bare parcels for rent. All these rental parcels are setup in an amazing surrounding and have full parcel privacy so no one is actually able to see what happens inside your place. To top this off each parcel comes with it's own high-tech & easy too use security device with lots of features to full ensure your parcels privacy.

Our goals are to create a great a friendly community city neighborhood with relaxing easy paced attitude and all our renters can feel at home and just enjoy themselves. We have a open door (mature) open sim policy which means that we greatly welcome everybody to come over to our wonderful sims and just have a great time!